Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Robyn at ACL Live

One of the best parts of last Thursday’s Robyn show at ACL Live, apart from the insanely energetic pixie-diva herself, was experiencing the brand new venue. Attached to the newly-opened W Hotel/Condo Building, ACL Live at Moody Theater is exactly the type of state-of-the-art space that Austin’s been long overdue for. Excellent acoustics, a broad open dance floor, multiple bars, and stair-stepped stadium seating – it’s the type of venue that’s been clearly designed for both the artist and the audience. Nicely done.

Of course when the Swedish phenom took the stage nothing else much mattered. Clad in a patchwork of different fabrics and colors, mauve pants beneath denim pockets and a light colored t-shirt, Robyn performed most of the songs from her Body Talk album with an intense and unfailing energy. Flanked by two drummers and two keyboardists, all wearing lab coats, Robyn did the robot during the hypnotic “Fembot,” after opening the show with “Time Machine.”

When the crazy blue strobe lights set in motion during “Dancing On My Own,” it felt like the beginning of a rave – a feeling that only intensified during “We Dance to the Beat.” By the time Robyn worked up to “Indestructible,” there was a full-on dance party going on, the crowded dance floor going nuts. Some time during “Call Your Girlfriend” she peeled a banana, and then returned to eat it during the encore. When Robyn started in on the funky “Dancehall Queen” (after some intense clapping during “Stars Forever”), one couldn’t help but marvel at the depth of her energy.

Opener Diamond Rings earned a recent shout-out in New York Magazine’s “Approval Matrix,” and he decidedly deserved it if for no other reason than his willingness to perform the incredibly catchy “All Yr Songs” in gold spandex pants.

Diamond Rings: All Yr Songs by gaga-digi

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