Friday, February 25, 2011

How To Win Your Oscar Pool

With the big show slated for this Sunday, Oscar season is in full-on statuette speculation mode. Here’s a quick cheat sheet to help you win your Oscar pool (even if the endless predictions are enough to make LA Times film critic Kenneth Turan long for simpler times):

Because Everybody Says So:

Best Actor: Colin Firth, The Kings Speech

Best Actress: Natalie Portman, Black Swan

Best Supporting Actor: Christian Bale, The Fighter

Director: David Fincher, The Social Network

Screenplay (Adapted): The Social Network, Aaron Sorkin

Animated Feature: Toy Story 3

Races That Could Go Either Way:

Original Screenplay: Seriously, it’s probably going to The King's Speech, unless people want a way to honor The Kids Are All Right – this would be the category to do that.

Cinematography: It’s either going to be True Grit or Inception. If the Coens take home nothing else, they may take this.

Costumes & Art Direction: One of these categories is going to go to The King's Speech, and the other to Alice in Wonderland. Let’s say Alice for Costumes and King’s Speech for Art.

Score: This may actually be the category where it’s anybody’s game. The only sure thing is that it won’t go to How To Train Your Dragon. Sorry kids. I want to give it to The Social Network for being so subtly eerie, but the smart bet is probably 127 Hours.

Documentary Feature: Sure, this will probably go to Inside Job. And sure, we don’t know if Banksy was pulling one over on us with Exit Through The Gift Shop. But even if he was, doesn’t he deserve something for executing such an elaborate prank?

Best Supporting Actress: Word is this is a contest between Melissa Leo (The Fighter) and Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit). Who knows? Let’s give it to Leo for her character’s incredibly ostentatious hair and outfits.

Original Song: Hmmm... does anyone know what these songs sound like? Let's just give this award to "My Heart Will Go On,” for old time’s sake. Or to Randy Newman.

Categories That Are Kind Of A Mystery:

Sound Editing: Inception

Sound Mixing: The King's Speech


Animated Short: Day and Night

Live Action Short: The Confession

Documentary Short: Strangers No More

Other Stuff That Contributes To The Show Being, Like, Four Hours Long:

Foreign Language: In A Better World

Editing: The Social Network

Makeup: The Wolfman

Visual Effects: Inception

So that leaves us with Best Picture, and if you’re into things like “winning,” then fine, put down The King’s Speech. But, on your Oscar ballot, but some hearts around Toy Story 3.

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