Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Songs I Can't Get Out Of My Head: Vol. 14

Hockey - "Too Fake"

This Portland, Oregon band has been gaining steady praise since the end of last year, mostly on the back of their incredibly infectious "Too Fake." Currently touring with Portugal. The Man, and gearing up for an appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, their album Mind Chaos drops today.

Matt And Kim - "Daylight"

If there were any doubts that commercials are bringing you the best in indie rock, chances are you've already had "Daylight" running through your head thanks to Bacardi. The Brooklyn duo's synth-y piano driven track pairs an upbeat repetitive melody with chanted lyrics.

Florence And The Machine - "Kiss With A Fist"

Despite the violence depicted by this song's lyrics, it's rollicking guitar is almost enough to incite its own dance riot, if the raspy twang of singer Florence Welch's voice doesn't do it first.

And, just when you thought you were hip for liking SF's Girls, Pitchfork and ABC's Charlie Gibson have teamed up to tell you they're already mainstream. Great, now you have to find another cool little band started by the son of cult-members to like...

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