Friday, January 30, 2009

They're huge in Britian

Iglu & Hartly at Popscene

There's a certain kitschiness to the LA surf-rock hipsters Iglu & Hartly that cannot be denied.  Whether it's their roll-out-of-bed attitude toward grooming, simplistic non-stop-party lyrics, or general apathy toward anything resembling self-awareness, there's a feeling of pleasure in their live shows only otherwise experienced by people in commercials for wine coolers.  

Before I&H took the stage at 330 Ritch last night, the DJ played this hot Twelves remix of The Virgins' "Rich Girls."

The crowd was ready to dance and I&H's high energy faux rap tunes gave them what they asked for, regardless of lyrical content (their encore was a song about wearing pajamas).  Despite the British critics' attitude toward their music -- NME said they'd "birthed an abomination of a debut album, informed by all the most disgusting musical faux pas of the past 20 years" -- the public digs it. 

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