Friday, January 18, 2008

Songs I can’t get out of my head: Vol. 7

The Virgins

The Virgins
– Rich Girls
The story goes that lead singer Donald Cumming was living in New York and writing poetry and no one was listening – so he set his words to music, and before he knew it, his band, The Virgins was off and touring. Now on the road with Ra Ra Riot, we caught them opening for Tokyo Police Club in October. This track, featured on their EP, blends Strokes-y guitars with a super-funky bass and a vocal track that sounds like it could belong to the Arctic Monkeys.

Two Gallants – Despite What You’ve Been Told
If there’s a standout track on 2Gs’ moody self-titled album released this past September, it would be this one. Here the lead vocal wail is complemented perfectly by a banjo-sounding guitar, and it’s rather catchy. The video, which features an aging clown, is genuinely weird, but you might catch a glimpse of a few San Francisco landmarks.
Expect to see the SF band at SXSW.

Iron & Wine – Innocent Bones
There’s a reason Iron & Wine’s “The Shepherd’s Dog” ended up on so many 2007 “best of” lists – its beautiful mellow sound has all the makings of a soundtrack for a lazy Sunday afternoon, or perhaps an artsy indie coming-of-age movie where the characters take a road trip to “find themselves.” I can see that too. This track is simple and delicate and deserves at least a couple lazy afternoon spins.

Hot Challenge – Wine
With the electro sensibilities of Hot Fuss-era Killers, this track from SF band Hot Challenge works some synth into the mix. They’ll be at Great American Music Hall February 2.

Les Savy Fav – Patty Lee
This Brooklyn four-piece (whose members met at RISD) has become well known for their live shows – thanks largely to the clothes-shedding antics of lead singer Tim Harrington. (Catch them in SF April 27th at Great American Music Hall.) This track from their “Let’s Stay Friends” release is less hard-edged and features falsetto-ish vocals, but generally sounds quite similar to Against Me’s “Thrash Unreal.”

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