Monday, January 07, 2008

Songs I can’t get out of my head: Vol. 6

Operator Please

Von Iva – LaLa

When this hard-rocking trio of SF girls opened for Imperial Teen last month at the Independent, I was duly impressed – and not just because the lead singer jumped on the drum set in a tight dress and high heels.  This signature track bemoans the superficiality of Los Angeles.

Operator Please – Leave It Alone

There’s something oddly infectious about this effort from the Australian five-piece Operator Please.  The lead singer’s vocals are reminiscent of a huskier Blondie, but the track is a stand-out for its rockin’ violin.  

The Heavy – That Kind Of Man

If a song can be a mode of transportation, this groove offers time-travel back to the 70s.  Pick your afro and listen to this funk & soul groove. 

White Denim – World As A Waiting Room

Issuing a five song EP, Let’s Talk About It last year, White Denim has been drawing praise and positioning themselves to take off as a bona fide top tier rock act.  This track, from an album they’re releasing a track at a time online, sounds like it’s taking its cues from the likes of the Black Keys.  Also check out “Paint Silver Gold” from this new release.  

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