Friday, December 07, 2007

Reuse it

In a season that’s often about “stuff” – it’s good to take a look around at how much stuff we already have. Granted, it seems that we don’t realize how much we have until we’re moving and have to box everything up and take it to a new location… But looking through our closets and cupboards, we should ask ourselves what we really need and what we’re really using.

I took a look around and then took my books to the Friends of the Public Library bookstore, and clothes to Goodwill. It’s good to routinely clean house and keep a check on our excess of stuff. A sweater I haven’t worn in 2 seasons isn’t doing anything but taking up space – until it gets in the hands of someone who can really use it.

So take a look around and ask yourself what you’re really using, and what’s just taking up space. Find an outlet that can put your stuff to better use.

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