Sunday, December 09, 2007

Down And Dirty

While we were perched on our knees, wielding metal picks, and whacking into the rocky soil early Saturday morning, the guy across from me said, “You know, my regular job is ‘data mining’.”

Perhaps that’s a comment you’d only hear in the Silicon Valley, but never the less, as we dug and planted at McLaren Park, I was glad to be stepping out of my normal routine to do something for the earth.

For my weekend project, helping to replant some of the hillsides in the park, I signed up through an organization called One Brick. They’re here in SF, and they have chapters in New York, Chicago, and Washington DC.

For anyone who is looking to get involved when they have the time – even if they can’t make an on-going commitment, One Brick is definitely worth looking into. Plus, they’re heavy on the socialization aspect – so not only can you serve a meal or plant a garden, you may find a new friend. Or at least someone who’d like to mine your data.

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