Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Swedish Rock and NYC Pool Parties

When it’s 90+ degrees in New York City, the last thing you want to be wearing is a furry brown Ferdinand the Bull costume. That is, unless you’re on some serious drugs – or a member of Swedish supergroup I'm From Barcelona (who may or may not also be the former).

With some 15-30 members on stage singing nonsensical lyrics and playing everything from flutes and tubas to glockenspiels and kazoos, I’m From Barcelona caused a stir with their ultra-catchy tunes on Sunday at NYC’s McCarren Park Pool Party.

While the crowd turned out in anticipation of slick indie faves Blonde Redhead, they got a nice surprise and colorful show from the Swedes as they banged tambourines, tossed mounds of confetti, and attempted (failingly) to crowd surf with an inflatable lounge chair.

To capture the experience – get out your teeny bikini, put IFB’s “We’re From Barcelona” on full blast, and shake anything that makes noise. Oh, and you might want to do some drugs first.

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