Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hollywood: "We’ve officially run out of movie titles"

For those of you keeping score at home – it’s official: there are no movie titles left.
Case in point – the forthcoming Clive Owen shoot ‘em up flick, “Shoot ‘Em Up.”

It should be noted that even “Date Movie” and “Scary Movie” were titled with tongue-in-cheek bravado – but judging by the trailer, this movie seems to want to take itself seriously.

Please, please Mr. Giamati – I long for the “Sideways” days. Don’t branch out, don’t try to prove to me that you can be an action movie villain – put down the gun and call up Paul Thomas Anderson, or Wes Anderson, or even Pamela Anderson – I’d shell out 10 bucks right now to see a dark comedy directed by Paul Thomas Anderson starring Mr. Giamati as a depressed sociology professor who is contemplating suicide when he meets the new dance instructor (played by Pam Anderson) – but as he lusts after her, he ends up falling for her roommate (played by Toni Collette). Somebody needs to write that. It would of course be called “The Old Switcheroo.”

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