Wednesday, June 22, 2011

From The Department Of The Completely Unnecessary: Footloose: The Remake

It seems that somebody in Hollywood a little while ago had this thought:
Hey, what if we remade "Footloose" as a street dancing movie! You know, one with very, very little emphasis on good acting! Or a relevant plot!
And decided to give the "classic" Kevin Bacon film the dance flick treatment. (Though it looks as if it may have gotten the Wayans Brothers' Dance Flick treatment.) Thus, in the grand tradition of Step Up, Step Up 2: The Streets, and Step Up in 3D, the new Footloose was born.

From the story given in the new film's trailer, the kids in small-town Bomont have been banned from dancing after some students died in a car accident leaving a dance… Using this logic, if some kids were in a car accident after leaving the grocery store, I'm assuming grocery shopping would also become banned. (Why not cut to the chase and just ban driving cars?) So, now that the kids can't dance in public (even though they can do other things like wear really revealing clothing), they're popping and locking to blaring music in parking lots right outside restaurants. I'm sure no one will find out!

Also, there should be a fist-fight outside a barn! And the hero should rescue the girl from an oncoming train she's standing right in front of! And a school bus blows up! Nevermind that it looks like the bus blows up because the hero and another dude are crashing dueling school buses into each other. Seriously, this town doesn't have a dancing problem, it has a driving problem.

My only hope is that John Lithgow and Diane Weist never have to see this trailer.

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happywaffle said...

The movie's out now, you should go see it and give us a full review.