Saturday, March 19, 2011

SXSW 2011 Dispatches: All Ages Show

Downtown Austin has been bursting with music, craziness, sundresses, Ray Bans, and, as of this morning, hundreds of people waiting for the Perez Hilton party outside of ACL Live. More than a couple of times I've also overheard the word "Winning!" emerge from people's conversations. (It seems to have it's own key, like when people chant "Air Ball.")

While the festival is in its last full day, here's a recap of some of the acts.

After Royals Baths wrapped up at Club DeVille Thursday evening, London's The Vaccines took over. With their super high-energy and great rock guitar they boasted a hint of Arctic Monkeys with a full dose of Strokes. (Though the lead singer more strongly resembles Daniel Radcliffe than Julian Casablancas.) Their six-song set was short, but packed a punch -- like surf rock on Four Loco.
The Vaccines - Blow It Up by Radar Maker

Nashville's Royal Bangs definitely banged it out royally at Buffalo Billiards. What the band lacks in stylistic consistency, they more than make up for in volume. After they finished, Young the Giant played an energetic set to a crowd who clearly only wanted to hear "My Body."

Friday afternoon at Cedar Street Courtyard Chicago's Maps and Atlases took over after the lovely sounds of Marit Larsen. The texture of their music was an interesting hybrid of rock guitar with folksy vocals. The addition of the xylophone on the song "Pigeon" seemed to add just the right touch.

Over at the Onion AV Club's party at the Mohawk, Nashville's Tristen played a nice upbeat set, bringing to mind Rilo Kiley with their tone and pacing.
Tristen - Eager For Your Love by AmericanMythRecordings

Outside Wye Oak made a heck of a lot of noise for just two people. The Baltimore duo cranked through their sounds with a volume that doesn't quite translate into their recordings. Or perhaps I'm playing their music too quietly.

Working the way through Swan Dive (where it turns out Dolorean, not Delorean had been playing -- big difference, actually) to the back patio of Barbarella, bodies were crammed together awaiting the arrival of Deer Tick. Proof that the band's bourbon-drenched tunes have mass appeal: the very handsy baby being held next to me, who alternately pawed at my arms and rubbed animal crackers on the folks in front of him. The set was fast and fun, and clearly enjoyed by all ages.

Deer Tick - Twenty Miles by Partisan Records

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