Sunday, October 07, 2007

Songs I can’t get out of my head

Tokyo Police Club is hungry

Tokyo Police Club – Your English is Good

I have no idea what this song is about, but there’s a reason this young band just achieved major label signage – when you find yourself unconsciously chanting “give us your vote!” you know you’ve caught TPC’s energy.

Okkervil River – Unless It’s Kicks

An upbeat number from new disc “The Stage Names,” heavy on the tambourine, urgent on the vocals, and apparently glued to the inside of my CD player.

Stars – Take Me To The Riot

From the just-released “In Our Bedroom After The War,” the track starts innocently enough, with vocalist Amy Millan supporting in a near whisper, but then pungently releases the kick-up-your-heels chorus.

Everything that’s old is new again
Songs you already own, worth playing once more

The Killers – All These Things That I Have Done

Currently getting ready to release an album of B-sides (wait, that wasn’t “Sam’s Town”?), the Las Vegas band may have lost ground with an unsatisfying sophomore effort, but this track alone is reason enough to re-load “Hot Fuss” on your iPod.

The Beatles - I Wanna Hold Your Hand

It all features always in vogue hand-claps, simple sincere lyrics, makes you wanna dance, and is, oh yeah, the best pop song ever written.

Green Day – Jesus of Suburbia

Four songs in one, this track from the Billie Joe-led outfit’s “American Idiot” album is possibly the disc’s masterpiece, and has not suffered the fate of many of the album’s songs – radio overplay. (Can you say “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”?) Clocking in at over nine minutes the theatrical, political, and just downright catchy-ness of various parts of the track make it well worth devoting the time to.

Go play.

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