Sunday, January 28, 2007

Carmen Electra and the Battle of the Bulge

Lately I have been distractedly tormented by the ex-Prince muse, ex-Jenny McCarthy replacement, ex-Dave Navarro’s wife, Carmen Electra.

Earning her keep by hawking a multitude of products on television (seriously, Joan Rivers may be getting jealous) – Electra is featured in a series of Taco Bell advertisements downing burritos. Simultaneously, Electra also stars in new commercials for NV – a weight loss pill that helps Electra once again feel good about her body.

Hmmm… let me put two and two together…

It seems that Taco Bell should be up in arms about this. For all we know, Electra could need to use NV because of 4th meal.

Or, perhaps the two could team up. Buy $100 worth of ½ pound burritos, and you’ve earned yourself a free 7-day NV supply.

Believe me, you have earned it.

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